The NBAddict (2001-2003)

What would you do to play in the NBA?

From the internet archives of the Wayback Machine comes my first attempt at a comic strip.

I was a basketball fan who dreamed about being in the NBA.  I took the unconventional route of creating an online comic character to live out that dream.  It was a wild ride that included connections with some NBA players, an NBA owner and an NBA agency.

The posts below are a sample of the NBAddict.

Go to post #14 for more background information.

1. Twelve Steps

2. Larry Bird

3. Open Eyes

4. The Fix

5. NBA Playoffs

6. Aerodynamic

7. Shaving

8. Like Mike

9. Injuries

10. Shaq Attack

11. Rejected

12. Oxymoron

13. Playground Shot

14. Yao Ming (translated and background information)

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